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Hello and thank you for visiting my page. I appreciate it muchly. :D

On the internet I am known as Lurri Pidragon, or Lurri for short, or Nutmeg if you don't like Lurri. I got pretty good at drawing dragons and will still churn one out on occasion, but my favorite subject is actually people, particularly faces.

I try to stay away from fanart, but sometimes I can't help myself because I'm a super nerd. XD like when I really need a selfie with Law

I don't take requests or commissions (yet) unless I know you in real life and you offer me Reese's cups. Sorry if you were interested.

Me on the web:

Twitter: @NutmegPirate
Writer's Cafe…
Skype: LurriPidragon
Tumblr: NutmegPirate

People I know IRL:


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I put on my headphones for music while I drew but forgot to turn any on so I just sat in silence with headphones on for the last hour and a half, and only just realized. -_-
Foxtail by LurriPidragon
For :iconblackrabbit-oct-hq:'s OC contest. You probably don't recognize this sweet child because, as I mentioned in a status update a while ago, I changed his name. That's right, this is the man formerly known as Ryden Andrus. I'm pleased to announce I have finally found his perfect name. Even though it looks kinda unpronounceable.
K so I drew up the design in my sketchbook the moment I finished my ADOCT entry, then did a slightly cleaner digital sketch over that in GIMP, and then started doing some very very clean lineart over that in Clip Paint, and then realized "ain't nobody got time fo' dat," so I went back to GIMP slapped the color on right in the sketch file. And you know what? The sketchiness looks great.


Name: Ruadhán (ROO-awn) Atrail; "Foxtail"

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Height and Weight: 5’9, 145 lbs

Profession: Thief

- Fast: he’s built like a runner and utilizes that gift regularly
- Agile: he can vault low obstacles and weave about crowded and cluttered streets with ease
- Stealthy: he uses the shadows to move undetected and soundlessly
- Thief: no lock has ever stopped him, no hidden latch or safe escaped his notice; purses and jewelry vanish from pockets without so much as a brush.

- Untested: his combat skill is severely lacking, as he relies so heavily on his legs to carry him away from danger.
- Merciful: he’s never killed an enemy. This, of course, does nothing to decrease the number of enemies.
- Daring: he loves the thrill of his job, and sometimes takes dangerous risks just to test his skills. He’s not been caught yet, but he’s had his share of narrow escapes.

Quick-witted and sharp-tongued; a vigilant nature with sly undertones. He’s excellent at reading people, and harbors an almost fatherly affection for his guild. He’s no coward, but believes it better to run to save one’s own life than stand to fight and fall. He’s fiercely loyal to his guild thieves, and expects the same of them if they wish to stay in the ranks. He doesn’t kill; he’s no assassin and doesn’t aim to be.

Weapon: recurve bow

Ruadhán was the middle child between two sisters, who left their home in industrial Ridshaft when he was sixteen to broaden their studies overseas in Sesparca. Ruadhán’s family lost contact with them not long after that when the two countries cut ties and threatened war. A year or so later, a vicious plague swept across Ridshaft, killing many. The plague took his parents, but Ruadhán survived. Ridshaft became a dark, gloomy country fraught with danger; the ruling lord became nigh tyrannical in his reign, causing various rebellious uprisings across the land. The loss of his family put Ruadhán out of his home at age seventeen, where he began his long career of thievery. Several close calls almost put him out of the field, but the thrill always drew him back.

Competition between Ridshaft thieves was a deadly game. Ruadhán realized this early on, and aimed to find a way to win. He picked up a few smaller thieves, starving pickpockets with little presence in Ridshaft’s underworld, and shared his skills with them. In return, they shared spoils among themselves and watched each other's backs. Their uneasy alliance quickly prospered into the start of the guild. Ruadhán handpicked each new member and trained them personally. Thieves came and went from the guild, but those who stayed gained a trust for one another that few thieves ever knew.

Ruadhán runs the guild sternly and efficiently. He allows his chosen thieves to remain in the ranks so long as they adhere to the guild laws.

“Never betray the guild, and the guild will not betray you." Ruadhán’s network of eyes in Ridshaft always alert him when one of his band falls into trouble, and he will come for them without fail so long as they never give away their guild brethren.

"No loot is worth your life.” A bad thief is a dead thief, and there is no room for bad thieves in the guild.

“Do your share.” The guild depends on its members’ skill as thieves, but not every night is a lucky one. If a thief expects to receive help after a bad night, they must do what they can to provide the same for everyone else when possible.

Ruadhán’s unrivaled skill as a thief earned him a legendary reputation in the underworld and a sizable bounty across Ridshaft. He earned the nickname “Foxtail,” which he accepted with amusement. His guild use the name like a title, the guards and watchmen spit it like an insult, and petty thieves across the country whisper it in awe. Fortunate is the thief who Foxtail picks for his guild.

Of course, the widespread reputation has made his occupation that much more dangerous. The lord of Ridshaft would give anything to capture Foxtail and put an end to his guild. Ruadhán has managed to evade Ridshaft’s watchmen so far, but with each incident a nearer miss than the last, it may only be a matter of time before Foxtail falls.

Extra info:
- The arrows for his bow are his own design; they are made to attach to his climbing rope. Firing one from his bow allows him to reach higher points normally inaccessible to him.
- His leather chest piece is part of the harness that holds his bow. It doesn’t completely stop a forceful projectile like a bullet or arrow, but it’s saved his life more than once.
- His red hair, usually worn in a loose braid, may have inspired the name “Foxtail.”
SO maybe some of you have noticed that I've been pretty inactive lately. I don't like it either, there are a million half-finished art projects I wanna finish and submit ASAP that aren't ADOCT related. We'll get to the reason in a moment.

In OCT related news, I doubt I'll be moving on to round three thanks to my half-finished entry this last round. I finished page two and put it in my stash, but I tried to work on the last page and found I have no motivation to do that right now. XD Results aren't out yet, but if this is the end of Assassin's Dance for me, I wanna say that it has been a great OCT. It was only my second one, but it had none of the drama or competitiveness or hate or vitriol that I witnessed in the NOCT2. I don't know how you all stayed so laid back and friendly but I applaud you for it. BlackRabbit is a great host, and for those of you looking for interesting OCT groups, you might wanna have a look at :iconblackrabbit-oct-hq:, where BlackRabbit keeps track of all the OCTs he's hosting. I guess we'll see how ADOCT turns out for me in a few days!

Art-related: So this past winter I got really into The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Thanks to this I put together a fun drawing over the last few months. I haven't had the chance to work on it for a while since literally all my free time was spent on ADOCT. I also got some better references from the game and parts of it will have to be redone. If it turns out though... I'll give you a hint: it has something to do with the Sanguine quest. I also have a bunch of sketches of my Elder Scrolls characters, some more fleshed out than others, that I may submit later on.
From that "draw this again" journal a while back, I have several composition sketches. I just need to pick a good one.
Also, fan art. I couldn't help it. The trailer for the Assassin's Creed movie dropped and I just lost my mind. Expect to see something soon.
Other than that idk though. What do you guys wanna see from me?

Okay, life related:

Fall semester ended a few weeks ago. I managed to survive despite knowing zero things on the c++ final and having my social inequality professor show up almost an hour late to that final. Actually, the only class I did well in was Medieval art history. That class was so awesome. Anyway. I had planned to find a new apartment and stay in my college town over the summer. I'd been looking around for some job options and while none of them looked particularly appealing, I had decided to apply for a few that I thought I could handle. Thanks to some mix-ups will an email and website design change, I missed the deadline to apply for housing at the apartment I currently lived in, and by the time I realized that, everywhere else was full. I resigned to my fate of moving back home and begging my old job to let me return.

Fortune smiled upon my and my dad offered me a job.

Hi, I'm now a mill operator at Treasure Canyon Calcium, my grandpa's calcium carbonate mining business out in the Middle of Nowhere. 5-6 days a week, 7 on rare occasion, 4 pm to midnight with a half-hour commute through deer-infested highways. Benefits include being paid a lot more than minimum wage, overtime pay, a cool hard hat, and a healthy dose of calcium powder to line the lungs. I know all sorts of different things now, like how to operate a front-end loader and drive a semi truck and grease the roller mill and I load trucks and shovel and shovel and shovel-

It's been busy.

Basically, I work for 8 hours and am so tired when I get home I immediately sleep for 10 hours, leaving me just a little time to do art before I have to get ready to leave again. So expect some radio silence from me until about the end of summer. :D

OH and as long as I'm here, I need to promote my friend who recently joined dA, :iconfracturedfire:! I've been teaching him to draw for a few months now, and after much tribulation I convinced him to post something. Go give him some love~

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